Maddox Healthcare Law was created to meet the critical demand for strong, ethical, and professional legal services in the practice transition business.

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A. Lee Maddox, DDS, Esq.

"I would say that Lee’s professionalism and experience were essential in creating a fair, efficient practice transition that apparently satisfied everyone concerned. I could ask for no more."

Larry M. Bramble, DDS

Dr. Maddox’s clientele seek his experience in business matters such as practice acquisitions and sales, incorporations and partnerships, associateship relationships, space sharing or solo-group relationships, employee/independent contractor agreements, real estate acquisitions, and office leases.

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Our Mission

To excel in the healthcare practice business by providing exceptional service to our clients and business partners by operating at the highest possible level of professional performance standards while maintaining the highest standards of corporate and personal integrity.

A Reputation of Trust, Expertise, and Reliability

  • Lease Reviews
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Practice Purchase Agreements
  • Corporation Formation/Dissolutions
  • Space Sharing Group/Solo Agreements
  • Associate Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Dental Bureau Complaints/Matters
  • Limited Liability Company Formation
    and Agreements

"I recommend Lee Maddox to my clients because I know that they will be ethically and professionally cared for. Lee is uniquely qualified to provide legal and business council to dental professionals because of his personal accomplishments as a successful endodontist and business owner. He takes his client's security and success personally. As my clients advance in their careers and build their wealth, I can confidently rely on Lee to help them design legal structures to protect their assets and their life's work. All entrepreneurial and ambitious dental and medical professionals can benefit from Lee's guidance."

Chau Lai CFP®, ChFC®

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